5 Great Ways to Promote Animal Welfare

Animals are wonderful friends and companions to us. Our furry friends are there for us through good times and bad, providing unconditional love and loyalty. They also help us by guarding our homes and cattle; aiding the disabled; supporting law enforcement; assisting us in search and rescue operations; and sometimes just by being there for us. Sadly, there are many sweet pets in shelters or rescues that desperately need forever homes, or need our help in other ways. In this article, an Las Vegas, NV vet offers some ways you can help them.


Animal charity and rescue organizations can always use donations. If you can’t afford to donate funds, consider giving supplies, such as pet food, carriers, or dishes.


If you have the room, the funds, and the time, consider fostering an animal in need. Fostering isn’t for everyone, however. Many people find it very difficult to say goodbye to their furry charges when the time comes. That said, fostering can be a very rewarding experience, and is a wonderful way to help animals in need. If you think you might make a good foster parent for a pet that needs help, contact a nearby animal shelter or rescue for more information.


If you have children, take time to teach them about our wonderful animal friends, and how important it is to always treat them with kindness and respect. Take your little ones to a zoo, or just enjoy some heartwarming and adorable animal movies on family night. You can also help by sharing stories about animals that need help on social media.


Spaying or neutering your pet won’t just help keep your furbaby calm and healthy: it also helps other animals, by combatting pet overpopulation. If your furry pal hasn’t been fixed yet, we recommend seeing to this as soon as possible.


Volunteering is another great way to help animals. You may find that you really enjoy the rewarding feeling you get after working to help our four-legged friends. Check with local charities and shelters for more details. If you’re a creative person, you can also volunteer another way: make something special, then auction it off and donate the proceeds to a rescue group.

Do you have any questions or concerns about your furry friend’s health? We can help! Call us, your local Las Vegas, NV vet clinic, today!

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