Fluffy’s Code of Conduct

Our feline friends are certainly full of adorable quirks and mannerisms. While every kitty has a very distinct and unique purrsonality, there are some traits that these lovable furballs seem to have in common. Is there a rulebook for kitties? If cats had a code of conduct, what would that be? A local Winchester, NV veterinarian offers an educated guess in this article.

Get Lots Of Sleep

Kitties certainly are sleepy little furballs. Fluffy sleeps, on average, about 16 hours a day, but she can sleep up to 20 hours each day!

Ask For What You Want

Fluffy isn’t shy about asking for things: she may meow to let you know she’s ready for dinner, or chirp if she sees a moth she can’t reach. Fluffy is also quite clear about making her wishes known when she is ready for snuggle time!

Spend Time In Sunbeams

Given how fond cats are of napping in sunbeams, one might almost suspect that they run on solar power! Give your kitty at least one good bed with sunbeam access.

Enjoy The Simple Things

Fluffy doesn’t need expensive gifts to make her happy. Your feline buddy may be delighted with a simple empty box or a paper grocery bag. Of course, lap time and cuddles will also get your furball’s little motor going.

Learn How To Pounce Properly

Proper feline pouncing techniques should always include a little butt wiggle. Watching your feline friend ‘wind herself up’ before she launches herself at a toy is bound to put a smile on your face!

Monitor What Your Humans Read

Does your feline friend sometimes sprawl out in the midst of a book you’re trying to read? Does Fluffy seem to deliberately walk across your computer keyboard as you’re typing? Maybe your furball is worried that you’re reading about other cats?

Deny Everything

Kitties certainly have perfected that adorable look of innocence. They generally use this when they’ve done something a bit naughty, such as, perhaps, knocking a glass off the coffee table.

If Denial Won’t Work, Just Charm Your Humans

Kitties can definitely melt our hearts with their cute faces and adorable antics. Do you ever notice your cat acting extra cute when she’s done something mischievous?

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