5 Reasons to Get Your Cat a Cat Tower

Did you know that cat towers are actually very good for kitties? While providing quality food, fresh water, a clean litterbox, lots of love, and a few toys will take care of Fluffy’s basic needs, some ‘purrniture’ will also provide several great benefits. In this article, your vet lists five reasons to get your feline pal a tower.


Cats love spying on local wildlife. Putting Fluffy’s tower in front of a window with a good view is almost guaranteed to keep your furball entertained for hours. This gives your kitty a chance to indulge in three of her favorite activities–sunbathing, birdwatching, and relaxing–at the same time. This way, your pet can indulge her inner voyeur without being exposed to danger from predators, cars, or other hazards.


Many cats really enjoy high places. It isn’t uncommon for people to find their furballs staring down at them from the tops of bookcases or refrigerators. Keep in mind that Fluffy doesn’t have much of a view from ground level. This is one reason kitties often enjoy high spots. A good tower will allow your feline overlord to survey her kingdom and servants (that would be you) from a safe spot with a great vantage point.


Have you ever caught your kitty scratching the corner of a chair or sofa? Fluffy isn’t trying to ruin your things: she just has an inherent need to take care of her claws. Those sharp little daggers are crucial tools for hunting, survival, and defense. In the wild, trees provide excellent scratching posts. For your pampered pet, a good cat tower is the next best thing.

Hiding Spots

Do you have a scaredy-cat? A tower with an enclosed level may help Fluffy feel more secure. Kitties tend to feel very safe in small spaces.


Exercise is great for cats, both physically and mentally. Your feline buddy might love climbing, jumping, and playing on her tower. Even if your pet only climbs onto the tower and immediately dozes off, it will still boost her activity level a bit.


Fluffy is really good at finding comfy napping spots, and she tends to rotate through her favorites. For guaranteed purrs, put the cat tower in a bright, sunny spot.

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