How to Choose Dog Toys

Does your dog sometimes run up to you holding his favorite toy? Dogs have some pretty adorable ways of asking us to play with them! Playing is actually great for your pooch. It keeps Fido him active, offers him beneficial mental stimulation, and lets him spend time with his favorite human: you. However, dog toys are not one-size-fits-all. A vet offers a few ‘pointers’ on choosing your pet’s playthings below.


One thing you’ll need to keep in mind is your pup’s age. If Fido is still a puppy, he’ll need durable toys that will hold up to a lot of chewing. Our canine pals also benefit from toys that keep them occupied, entertained, and, hopefully, out of mischief. Treat-dispensing toys, Frisbees, and puzzle toys are all good choices for energetic pooches. If your canine friend is a senior, he may just want a few treat toys, or perhaps a snuggly plush toy. If your pet develops hearing or vision issues, look into toys that light up or make noise.


Keep your dog’s schedule and lifestyle in mind as well. If you often play with your furry buddy at night, opt for toys that glow or light up. If your canine buddy likes burying things, go for durable toys that will stand up to your furry pirate’s treasure-hunting antics.


Before purchasing toys, take a look at the label. Try to avoid things that were made overseas. These may contain chemicals that aren’t great for dogs, as not all countries have strict safety guidelines for pet products.


You’ll also need to consider your pet’s breed and size. Bigger dogs can break or rip toys easily, so they need tougher, more durable playthings than a smaller one would. Big dogs may also choke on toys that were made for puppies or small breeds. Little dogs, on the other hand, can injure themselves on toys that are too big.


Always put safety first. Choose toys that are durable enough to hold up to lots of wear and tear, and won’t easily rip or break. This is sometimes a problem with stuffed animals. Some of our canine pals may try to eat squeakers, stuffing, or small parts. If your canine companion has any aggressive tendencies at all, you may want to skip the rope toys. Some pooches will get a little too into playing Tug-O-War, and can get very riled up.

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