Entertaining Guests When You Own a Pet

If guests are coming to your home for a party, meal, or special event, it’s important to make some considerations regarding your pets. This way, everything runs smoothly on the big day! Here are a few tips for helping your guests and your furry friends get along successfully:

Before Guests Arrive

First things first: vacuum and dust throughout your home to keep things clean and fresh. This is also very important if any of your guests suffer from allergies to pet dander. In fact, if a guest has severe allergies, it may be necessary to secure your pet in another room entirely for the duration of your gathering. Setting up air filters can also be very useful for allergy sufferers.

Don’t allow pets into bedrooms or closets where you store your guests’ coats or hats. Some of our animal companions—particularly our feline friends—might decide to bed down on clothing items like these!

Greeting Tips

Not everyone appreciates a big slobbery dog running up to greet them when they enter a home. If your dog is the type to do this, it might be prudent to keep him in another room or inside his crate until all your guests have arrived. This is also helpful if your pet is the type to dart out of the first open door he sees—you don’t want to deal with an escaped pet before your gathering even begins.

Mealtime Etiquette

No one likes to be bothered by a begging pet throughout an entire meal. Keep your pet elsewhere if they beg at the dinner table. Also make sure that your guests don’t feed your animal companion without your knowledge; politely let your guests know that your pet isn’t allowed to receive table scraps without your approval.

It’s also important to keep a close eye on any harmful foods you may be serving. Plenty of human foods—onions, garlic, avocado, chocolate, candy, grapes and raisins, and many more—aren’t safe for pets to consume.

Preventing Animal Anxiety

Some pets simply won’t be comfortable with the hustle and bustle of your party or special meal. In a quiet room, set up a “safe zone” just for your pet, complete with a bed, soft blankets, and a few of your pet’s favorite toys. Lead your animal friend here if they start to become anxious.

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