7 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Cat

Did you know that cats only sweat through their paw pads? As you have probably noticed, kitties are chock full of interesting characteristics. In fact, our feline buddies have quite a few interesting quirks. Read on as a local vet lists some things you may not have known about your cute pet.

She Matches Her Sleep Schedule To Yours

We all know that kitties are, well, rather drowsy. Cats can sleep up to 20 hours a day! However, what you may not have realized is that Fluffy will adjust her snoozing schedule to match yours. If you work nights, and sleep during the day, she’ll doze while you’re gone, but still snuggle up with you in bed. Kitties also sleep more than usual in cold, dreary weather.

Fluffy Thinks She Owns You

Ok, you may have very well suspected this one. When Fluffy rubs against your legs, she may look like she’s just being affectionate. In fact, your feline overlord is actually rubbing her scent on you, which is a way of claiming you for her own.

Furry Little Divas

Kitties spend about a third of the time they are actually awake grooming themselves. Fluffy takes her beauty regime very seriously!

Leftie or Rightie

Cats have dominant paws, just as people have dominant hands. Boy kitties tend to be lefties, while females use their right paws more.


We all know that whiskers are cute, but did you know that cats use them to see if they can fit into an opening? Needless to say, this doesn’t always work with chubby kitties!

Telling Tails

Although no one is quite sure why, only domesticated kitties hold their tails upright. Stray cats tend to let their tails hang down. Maybe this is Fluffy’s way of announcing that she has successfully found a human to adopt her?


In the wild, trees make the perfect scratching posts. When kitties scratch tree trunks, they mark them with their scents. This may very well mean that they are sending signals to other cats, or leaving signs for them to read. No one is quite sure what message our feline pals are trying to send, though. Perhaps these ‘kittygrams’ just are Fluffy’s way of saying ‘I was here?’

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