Easy Ways to Pamper Your Cat

Cats seem to have a knack for getting us to pamper them. Fluffy knows she’s being adorable when she meows for food or attention, and she’s just about impossible to resist when she’s feeling cuddly. While Fluffy’s wish list may include a giant cathouse, complete with ramps, mice, fields of catnip, and dozens of soft beds, you don’t have to go to extremes to spoil your furry little diva a bit. In fact, there are some very simple things you can do to make your cat feel like she’s living in kitty paradise!

Here are a few options:

Daily Play Sessions

Daily playtime is great for your feline pal! A good, vigorous play session will help keep your kitty in good physical condition, and can help prevent her from becoming obese. Playing also offers your furball beneficial mental stimulation, and will strengthen the bond between you and your pet. Another benefit of playtime is that it will burn off Fluffy’s excess energy. This will leave you with a kitty that is more likely to nap than pounce on your feet!


Cats feel secure in small spaces. Get your furball a kitty condo or cube so she has a place of her own to retreat to. You can make a homemade kitty tent out of just a tee shirt and a few wire hangers. Of course, boxes and paper grocery bags are also very popular among our feline friends!

Window Views

Just like people, kitties can get bored without proper stimulation. Make sure your kitty has at least one comfy napping spot with a window view. Cats love to relax, and they enjoy watching birds and squirrels, so this will provide Fluffy with two of her favorite things at once! A cat tower set before a window is a great option for this, but you can also just put a cat bed or soft blanket on an ottoman, or reposition a couch or chair.

Scratching Post

Because those sharp little claws are so crucial to cats’ survival in the wild, our feline friends learned long ago to take good care of their nails. Provide Fluffy with a good, sturdy scratching post or board so that she can keep up her manicures without scratching your furniture. Talk about a win-win!

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