Apps for Dog Owners

Do you have a smartphone? There’s a pretty good chance that the answer to that question is yes. Recent studies show that almost 80 percent of adults have smartphones! Our canine buddies have definitely not been left behind in the amazing developments we’ve seen in technology in the past few decades. In fact, there are some terrific apps made just for Fido! A vet lists some of them below.


Have you ever worried about your dog running away? While a microchip and ID tag are still the best precautions you can take to prepare for this situation, the Whistle app is also quite useful. The app is basically a GPS-equipped attachment for your dog’s collar. It can track Fido’s movements, and will notify you if he crosses his boundary lines, which you set yourself. It even acts like a doggy fitness tracker!

APCC Mobile App

As you may know, the risk of ingesting toxic substances is one of the biggest potential hazards pets face. The ASCPA has created a free app that lists toxic plants. This is great to have as a reference when shopping!

Pet First Aid

While we truly hope that all of our furry patients stay safe and sound, we always do urge erring on the side of precaution. It hopefully goes without saying that if your four-legged pal is ever injured, you’ll need to contact your vet immediately. However, you may need to administer first aid yourself before you can transport Fido to the clinic. Should an emergency situation arise, the Pet First Aid app, which was developed by the American Red Cross, is a valuable guide that will let you know what steps to take immediately after an incident.


Rover offers an easy-to-access list of over 50,000 dog walkers and pet sitters. Service providers must undergo background checks to be listed on the site. You can message and book potential caretakers through the site, and can even use the app to pay them.


Have you ever wished you could do more to help pets in need? The Wooftrax app tracks how far you walk your dog, and donates to animal shelters on your behalf, based on the distance you go. What a great way to promote animal welfare!

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